All Platinum Memberships are valid from the 2018 Opening Date through the 2018 Closing Date.

2018 Membership Application

  • Single Membership $ 535.00
  • Husband & Wife Membership $ 695.00
  • Family Membership $ 695.00 + $80 each family member
    Husband & Wife Membership plus $80.00 for each additional family member, who are students living with parents and age 10-21 yrs.
  • Junior Membership $ 145.00
    Full time student living with parents 17 yrs. and under
  • Student Membership** $ 299.00
    Full time student living at home 18 yrs. – 24 yrs. of age
  • Senior Citizen Membership $ 475.00
    Age 60 and over
  • Senior Citizen Husband & Wife Membership $ 615.00
    One member must be age 60 or over

** College Students must have current Student ID


No Green Fees for the 2016 Season!

  • Limited Memberships require the purchase of a cart seat prior to each round
  • Limited Memberships are for open play times only
    (Does not include league play, tournaments, or special events

2018 Membership (Limited Membership Copy)

  • Membership $ 179.00
  • Administrative Costs $ 20.00
  • Total 5-Day Membership $ 199.00
  • Additional Fee $ 100.00
  • Total 7-Day Membership $ 299.00
    Monday-Sunday & Holidays)


The cost of a Cart Membership includes the cost of a Golf Membership,

  • Single Cart Membership $ 1,055.00
  • Senior Single Cart Membership $ 995.00
  • Husband & Wife Cart Membership $ 1,465.00
  • Senior Husband & Wife Cart Membership $ 1,385.00
  • Family Cart Membership $ 1,465.00 + $175 for each additional member who is 16 yrs. – 21 yrs. of age. 15yrs. and under are free when riding with a parent who has a Family Cart Membership



If you pay for your 2018 Membership, IN FULL, there will be no increase over last year’s membership prices. If you are paying for your 2018 membership, IN FULL, you may fill out this application and send it back with your payment, or you can pay at the club. See back of application for payment options.


This option will allow you to spread your payments out over a specified period of time. Please complete the accompanying Payment Plan Application, to qualify. (Junior Memberships, Student Memberships, and 5 & 7 Day Limited Memberships do not qualify for the payment plan option).

Under the payment plan, 20% of the total Membership fee is due upon signing up for a 2018 Membership. The remaining balance is due by June 1, 2016. If you choose to participate in the payment plan option, you will be required to submit a valid credit card number.

By signing the agreement, you authorize Lakeside Links Golf Club to charge your credit card, for any unpaid balance on your Membership, after June 1, 2016.

Junior and Student Memberships are not eligible for the Payment Plan option and must be paid, in full, when signing up for Membership.

Any greens or cart fees paid prior to purchasing a Membership will not be applied towards Membership payments.